Walking the Camino Primitivo

Today I am preparing to leave to walk the Camino Primitivo. I plan on walking this route in 12 days. The distance is 312 km. My average day will be 26 km or about 16 miles per day. I depart for Spain on May 17, 2022, from Sacramento to Madrid and then by train to Oviedo my starting point. I will start walking on Friday, May 20th.

Oviedo is in Asturias near the northwest coast of Spain. It is said that in the middle ages the king of Asturias wanted to pay his respects to the tomb of Saint James so he traveled this route, the Primitivo (meaning the first route) to the Cathedral.

I will be walking up and over the Picos de Europa mountains. There will be some climbing but watching so many who are on the route now it seems like it is not too bad. I look forward to seeing new sights and meeting new people.

On a side note, I am able to meet up with a Camino friend who lives in Oviedo. I walked the Via de la Plata with Ramon Lozano in 2015. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch since then. I look forward to seeing him again in a few days. On top of that, my friend Dale from Seattle will also be in Oviedo at the same time as me. He and his friends are walking part of the Frances and then moving to the Norté.

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