What is Pilgrimage

I found this quote in a post on the American Pilgrims on the Camino Facebook page. I think it really distills the essence of pilgrimage.

“A Pilgrimage is a journey of the body and soul. Regardless of our religion, it is an effort to become closer to our God. A Pilgrimage is sometimes undertaken to pray for God’s intercession in our lives or as thanks for an intercession that has been granted. Often, though, a pilgrimage represents nothing more than our desire to let God guide our footsteps and nourish our souls. A Pilgrimage should not be undertaken lightly but neither should it be undertaken in fear. It is intended to be a journey of joy and fulfillment.”

Pilgrimage has certainly changed my life and I am very grateful everyday for the opportunity.

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  1. A good reminder to be intentional when we go. We know how our bodies (tired, sore, blisters, painful knee, ankle, any & all of it) draw our attention. It is not naturally a “pilgrimage”, so we must go with a mind set & maybe even ideas of how to make it one. I have my list for this next one.

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