Zubiri to Pamplona

Last night I stayed in albergue Avellena in Zubiri. Again I am surprised at how full the Camino is. Every bed in Zubiri was full and so was the town 5 km further Laransaña. I arrived and was able to get a single bed for 2 euros more. Well worth it. Jon from País Vasco arrived about the same time. We ended up having beers together.

The walk to Pamplona is not too bad. About 22 km I met a group of ladies from the US who all lived in Granada, there were 12 of them. It was fun to talk to them about how they ended up in Granada from the US, most just said they wanted to try living in Spain for a year. Many had been there 3 or more years.

I arrived on Sunday in Pamplona the streets were full of people.

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