Zubrini to Cizur Minor

After an interesting nights sleep I was out and walking this morning by 6:30. The first hour or so was by headlamp.

Note to self Zubrini’s church is like grandma Madelons clock it sounds the time in bells 24 hours a day, and on the half hour just one bell. Beautiful but annoying.

Today I started walking with my camino friend Tim. We have walked together the last three days. About 3 hours into our walk he turned on the afterburners and was gone. Buen Camino Tim. I stopped for breakfast in this tiny mountain town. So cool they had a wood burning oven going and were making tortilla. Tortilla in Spain is an omelet with thinly sliced potatoes onions and egg. The then take this mixture out of the oven and put slices of bacon in between two pieces and serve it sandwich style in hot bread from the oven. A few cups of cafe con leche later I was back on the trail.

My knee still hurts today but I can still walk and so I am working through it.
I was going to stop in Pamplona today and had decided to stay in a hotel if I found one. Well I did not find on so I kept walking to Cizur Minor. Today’s distance is 27.6k. All in all a good day but I am looking forward to my body adjusting and hoping it will stop aching so much. I got to Cizur Minor at about 2:00pm today. 7.5 hours. Nice.

After a nice hot shower, cleaned the mud that was caked on my boots off and no a little wifi time.

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Location:Calle de la Fuente,Cizur,Spain

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