Zubrini to Pamplona

Today the walk was nice. It drizzled steadily but no big deal. Stayed last night at the El Palo Avellano albergue last night. Very nice. The walk along the river from Zubiri is beautiful.

This place is awesome. In the little village of Irotz this family has built a wood burning oven in the morning they serve tortilla, zumo Naranja and cafe con leche and in the afternoon pizza.
 I remember this from last year.
 We stayed at a newer Albergue in Pamplona run by 2 brothers. The beds were like pods. The even had pull done curtains. The highlight of the night was a communal dinner made by 2 pilgrims, Melanie from France and Johanna from Germany. We all helped out cutting up vegetables. It was great to have a group of people from around the world eating dinner drinking wine and having a great time.

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